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Latest Motivational Quotes & Status for WhatsApp in English

Motivational Quotes and Status for Whatsapp in English: Here you find the amazing Motivational Quotes & Status with Images you can also download these images and share them with your friends and family.

Latest Motivational Whatsapp Status

If you think your life is Unfair, Think Again – Muniba Mazari
The boats do not cross fearing the waves,

Those who try are not defeated.

Motivational Quotes in English

Who pierces repeatedly in your life by becoming a nail

He should hammer once. (Motivational Quotes)

Carved up so much that before every fate,

Ask yourself God, tell me what your raja is.

Put strength in your words, not in voice

Because the crop is caused by rain, not by flood.

There was a childhood era, which had a treasure of happiness,

The desire was to get the moon, but the heart was crazy about butterfly.

Some people break up in adversity

So some people break the record… .. !!!!!!

Being well is not my purpose

I want to become one for whom I stand. (Motivational Quotes)

Every person dreams of fulfilling every wish.

But only those with strong intentions can complete them!

Best Motivational Quotes

I have a tendency to touch the sky by staying on the ground,

But I am not fond of getting up and down,

Good books and good people don’t understand immediately,

They have to study.

There will be many options, to wander the path,

There is only one resolution, to go to the destination!

Motivational Quotes for Whatsapp

Motivational Quotes Status

Failure is a challenge – accept it,

What is missing, look and improve.

Trying, will solve

If not today, tomorrow will come out. (Motivational Quotes)

Be patient, even these days of trouble will pass.

Those who look at me today and laugh will be able to see me tomorrow.

Every man is a hero in his life

Just a few people do not release films.

Happiness will be found one day, right after weeping

He is of weak heart, who does not think of laughing.

Motivational Quotes and Status images

If it is good intention,

So luck is never bad. (Motivational Quotes)

I am piercing while I am glass now,

The whole world will see the day I become a mirror.

The intestines are insistent on where the lightning falls,

I too have stubbornness to settle the same desires.

Everyone drowns because of this,

Immediately drowned, then some talk was made.

Many people are surprised to see me at high heights

But nobody has seen my feet blisters… .. !!!!

The waiters get only that,

Those who try give up. (Motivational Quotes & Status for Whatsapp)

They decide for themselves, the floor of vanities,

Circles are not provided for training flights.

Motivational Quotes for Whatsapp

Success introduces you to the world,

And failure introduces you to the world.

Do not consider your success so small,

Only those who are destined have luck.

Learn to walk a little in the eyes of the times, friend,

(Motivational Quotes & Status for Whatsapp)

If you turn around with a heart like wax, people will keep on burning.
“I’m not #Successful because some people think I’m #Successful, I’m successful because I think I’m #Successful.”
There is no struggle nor trouble, so it is fun to live big storms come to an end when there is a fire in the chest.
I also felt afraid after seeing the trajectory, but after seeing the way I kept growing, I myself came closer to me, seeing my destination, my courage.
“Dream and show it fulfilled, spread it on your desires, even if you stop the path of millions of troubles, keep moving forward with the hope.”

(Motivational Quotes & Status for Whatsapp)

“Some decisions in life we ​​take ourselves, and some our destiny! The only difference is that we do not like the decisions of fate and we do not like our decisions! ”
“Keep water in your eyes, keep a spark on your lips, if you want to stay alive, keep a lot of tricks, nothing is higher than the path of the road, the roads give voice, keep traveling.”

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“I also felt scared seeing the trajectory, but seeing the way I kept growing, I myself came closer to me, seeing my destination my courage.”
I will keep walking on the path, I will be able to walk, either I will get the destination, or I will become a good traveler.
Look at the sky. we are not alone. The whole universe is favorable to us and conspires to reward those who dream and work hard. “
Do good things and put them in the river or else you will get stuck in the storm due to the burden of the neck because the boat moves fast, in which the burden is reduced. ”
“Never show your dreams a world of reality, try yourself in this world and make yourself the most different identity in the world.”
“To be successful is not a game of elders. It’s child’s play, and if you assume that being #Successful is a child’s play, then what will become #Successful.”
No matter how much trouble you have in life, never be desperate because the sun is never dry, no matter how fast the sun is.
“With confidence, you can kiss Gagan, and without confidence, even the smallest achievements are beyond your grasp.”

Motivational status for Whatsapp

“Dream and fulfill them, dream in your eyes, decide your own destination, don’t be afraid of this unrelenting world.”
“Why do people get upset with the words of the people? Like you children, people go out saying anything to anyone, when things change, people’s words change.”
“Why what will happen in the life of fear, why will it be bad all the time, if we do not get anything towards the growing floor?” The experience will be new. “
“It does not matter what you think, what you speak, what you hear, it makes a difference what you believe because you become what you believe today or not tomorrow.”
“When the world fingers you, when people put difficulties in your way, don’t give up, prove yourself in front of these difficulties, winner, you turn back and strike.”
“There is a need to change ourselves by learning from experiences in life. If we stop changing then stop at the same place. Whatever changes, it moves forward. “

(Motivational Quotes & Status for Whatsapp)

“Whether the applause echoes or fades, what is the difference?” It does not mean that you succeed or fail. Just work, no work is small or big. “
“The person who has changed his habits will change tomorrow, and the one who has not changed, tomorrow will be the same with what has been done till date.”
“What you are doing in life, the work in which you know why you are doing this work, if you have it then you are successful.”
“When a house built on someone else’s foundation falls down, its strength is assured when every brick is laid with its hands in the foundation!”

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